Give Your Front Door a New Look

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Give Your Front Door A New Unique Look

The first impression lasts and since your front door ushers you and the visitors to your house then it needs to be attractive and welcoming. You need to know how to successfully paint your front door so that your home looks beautiful. There are many factors to consider while planning to paint your front door. For instance, wooden doors are painted differently from metal doors and new doors are painted differently from the old ones that need to be repainted. Below is step by step methods that you can customize to suit your front door painting needs.

Choose the color for your front door

Whether you are painting a new door or re-painting the old one it’s quite refreshing since it gives your home a completely different look. Consider the environment surrounding your front door on the inside and the outside so that you pick colors that compliment each other.



Remove locks and knobs from your front door

You need to give a professional look to your front door. Having locks and knobs on the door will only make painting harder and time-consuming.


Clean your front door

You may need to use a sander to remove all dirt from your front door. Also, use strong home detergent to ensure your front door is thoroughly clean as this will ensure your new paint adheres properly.


Fill all the holes on your front door

New paint only highlights even the minor flaws so they are even more visible. Never assume that the new paint will conceal the holes on your front door. Use spackling compound to fill minor dents and use epoxy filler wood for the deeper holes.


Apply primer or undercoat

Ensure you apply the primer on the entire door. It ensures that the new paint sticks firmly. it seals the porous filler ensuring a smooth topcoat, it blocks the stains and mutes the dark colors. Use a gray tinted color as a primer while painting other colors except for white. Look for any flaws and if any repeat sanding, cleaning then re-prime. Always sand between the coats to ensure you remove ridges and bubbles making the topcoat smooth. You need one coat of primer.


Do the finishing by applying the top coat

You need to use a foam mini roller as this spreads the paint evenly and smoothly ensuring a fine finish. The rollers spread thin paint so you need two coats for the topcoat. You better avoid using brushes as they leave marks on your door. Allow the wet paint to dry but you may consider using painter’s tape if your front door needs to be fixed while the paint is still wet. Consider the weather while planning to paint. Avoid humid and cold climate as it will take longer for the paint on your front door to dry up. Direct sunlight will cause the paint to blister so it should also be avoided.

Reattach your hardware

Once your front door is the dry place the locks and knobs back to their place. You may use the old ones or choose to replace them with new ones. Fix your front door to its position if you had not done it earlier.

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