8 Cases When You Should Call An Electrician

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Approximately, around 80% of households in the world use electricity. Unfortunately, with older homes, the wiring or appliances may get faulty from time to time and they need repair. Google and other search engines may be loaded with all that there is to know about the repairs, but there are some tasks that are best left to a professional.

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The main reasons for calling a professional is due to the danger of electricity. Without full knowledge of what you are performing, you risk being electrocuted. With an electrician, the repair will be done in ample time. In fact, when it comes to cost, calling an electrician is likely to be less costly than when you take the problem into your own hands. Here are instances on when to call an electrician about household power;


  1. Light switches are warm to the touch or they give a mild shock. This may be a result of excessive demand on the circuit or worse of, something complicated. For households that were built in the early times, aluminum may have been used in wiring hence need for a regular checkup.
  2. Power surge– an instance where the normal flow of electricity is interrupted with an increase in voltage for a few seconds. Solving the surges is vital to your safety and with a high risk of electrocution; you need to call an electrician.
  3. Lights often flicker and dim. There are home appliances which use a motor thus draw a lot of currents. For safety, the appliances need their own dedicated circuits since they risk causing fire or electrocution.
  4. Three-prong grounded plugs not fitting into power points. This indicates that the electrical system is not fully grounded putting your household at risk. To repair the problem, an electrician is best suited.
  5. You want to run a new wiring or presence of damaged wires. Do you decide that since you may have been present during the previous wiring that you can handle the change? It is possible that you have some experience with the wires but for best results, its best left for the professional.
  6. Sparks and smoke from electrical outlets or a burning smell. This could mean that there are some highly damaged wires in the house which need a checkup by an electrician.
  7. Electrical cords run along skirting boards or under rugs. This is common with those homes built earlier on and in this case, a risk exists and calls for a need for more power outlets. This requires the expertise of an electrician for the best results.
  8. Electrical outlets are located near water and there is no ground fault interpreter. Water is a good conductor of electricity, right? The interpreter shuts of a circuit in a case where current may be flowing through the water hence protect from electrical shock.

The above eight cases indicate cases of when to call an electrician about household power. To increase your safety and that of your family, these problems are best handled by a professional with the right expertise.

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