Benefits of a Tar and Chip Driveway For Your Home


Tar and Chip

It can be a difficult decision when faced with the task of choosing your new driveway. From hiring a contractor to deciding on the type of construction that suits you; there are many options to consider. For example, you could go for asphalt, tar and chip, concrete, paving slabs or even gravel. These are just a small number of the most common driveway construction types. The benefits of a tar and chip driveway for your home are extensive and go beyond mere beauty and low maintenance. Discover why this might be the perfect option for your driveway with the 5 advantages highlighted below.

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Low Cost

Building a new driveway can be a very expensive venture and making the wrong choice can affect you for years to come. Asphalt is one of the more popular processes used when considering driveway construction although tar and chip driveways are a more cost-effective option, offering all the benefits of asphalt with the initial cost sufficiently lower. With a low level of maintenance, a tar and chip driveway will continue to save you money over time and is likely to last longer thus prolonging the need to resurface.

Aesthetic look

A tar and chip driveway can give a beautiful and sophisticated finish to your home. The stones used to boast a refined grace and can accentuate any style of home from an old country courtyard to a modern gravel open space. The options to modify this type of driveway are wide ranging with an upper scale look created from cobblestone edging, patterns created with the use of different colored chip stones or using shrubbery and hedges to create a stately home feel.

Low Maintenance

Unlike a lot of driveway options, a tar and chip driveway requires very little upkeep and maintenance. There is minimal wear and tear in regards to cracks and swelling in the driveway. Tar and chip also have a rejuvenating quality when it becomes heated by the sun since the tar fills any small cracks that may be present and is recovered by the stones. Essentially, maintenance free tar and chip needs no reseal in its lifecycle and doesn’t require the extra laying of stones.

Construction Process

The process involved in a basic tar and chip construction is a quick and simple one. Firstly, you dig a base making sure the edges align with the property or any other features nearby. Next, a gravel base is laid ready for the hot liquid asphalt to be added. Finally, it is topped off with a layer of stones which is rolled flat and left to set firmly. It is ready to drive and walk on immediately after setting, unlike alternatives such as asphalt which requires you to wait 24 to 48 hours.

Durability & Traction

The lifecycle of tar and chip driveways are based on a number of different variables such as climate, traffic regularity, and base. The average lifecycle of a tar and chip driveway or road is around 10 years before having to re-lay although the driving surface quality will not diminish significantly in that time. This type of driveway construction offers great traction, its rough texture provides perfect grip in all types of weather. The surface of tar and chip is an excellent driving surface offering high levels of friction and stability on the road while providing a smooth and pleasing surface for joggers and cyclists to enjoy.

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