Changing a Door Knob

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Changing a Door Knob Like a Pro

You may view a doorknob as an ordinary and common thing, yet a closer look can sometimes puzzle you, making you be curious, on the best approach you can take to change the doorknob in case of failure. Here we are going to talk about how to change a door knob like a pro. Effective removal and replacement of doorknobs require you to have some basic carpentry skills.

Nevertheless, before you begin the process of changing your doorknobs, you have to know the different types of door handles that exist in the market: Most businessmen sale modern and standardized doorknobs as a lockset, and it comes with all relevant hardware-that is the spindle, the latch plate, the knob, etc. Moreover, some doorknobs have sunken hex-head screws that come with a compatible Allen wrench.

Other knobs have a thin hole. It is through this the hole that you can insert a firm wire and press it on an activated pin (detent) releasing the knob from its shaft or spindle. Furthermore, some doorknobs will allow you to use a flat-head screwdriver for purposes of reaching the detent. The hole that you can use to reach the detent in these doorknobs is usually a slot. From these examples, you can use different techniques and tools to change and remove your doorknob, depending on its nature.

It is therefore important to determine the category of your knob as it will dictate the most efficient method you can use to change it.

door knob

Well, here are the steps you need to follow on how to change a door knob like a pro:

Remove the unwanted doorknob

Removal of the old knob is the first process. You start this process by removing the screws that hold the doorknob. Always look at the interior side of the door to locate these screws. Moreover, your doorknob may have screws on the cover plate. If this is the case, loosen them. If not, carefully look at the handle for a small slot that has a metal piece. After finding the small slot, use a clip to push in on the metal piece, and the doorknob will open.

Removal of the underlying plate

You need to pull off the doorknob for purposes of revealing the plate. Once the plate is revealed, look for a slot that holds the plate against the door. You will use this slot to remove the plate: This is through the insertion of a flathead screwdriver and twisting it, to remove the plate.

The latch and old screws

After the removal of the plate, you will now have the capability of removing old screws and the latch. Use a power drill for this process.

Installation of the new doorknob

To install a new doorknob, reverse the procedure of removing the knob. On most occasions, the new doorknob you want to fix will match the holes of the previous knob. Rarely will you drill new holes on your door, when you want to fix a new doorknob? Make sure that you orient the strike plates so that they are in a proper position that will ensure the door closes properly. Use a power drill to screw the latch in, but at first, set the screws by hand. Note that, you should not over-tighten the screws: otherwise, you will bind the knob.

To ensure that the new doorknob functions properly,  you should test it.

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